Mar 15, 2008

song sharing

. Mar 15, 2008 .

dalam mmbaca byk2 berita tentang politik mesia . kaco dan buat kaco . tambahan lagi ngn notes and studies yg agak byk and terabur .

"messy .. messi? ... lionel messi?"

minda perlu rehat n relax . umi sllu kate sOlat byk . hati tenang . thx umi . luv u .

amik masa untuk online . saje tgk email . got some email from umi . . ntah a . kengakdang ayatnya sangat buat aku kuat . huhu . senyum and sedih depan komp hnya ngn email . kihkihkih so chicky . huhu . ermmm

teringat aman pernah bg link untuk Paul Potts and Connie Talbot . from Britain's Got Talent auditions video at youtube . i luv Connnie's voice . she sang Over the rainbow . soft voice . very cute smile . and she's 10 i think . if im 10 years younger . maybe ade can kots? . ade ke a? huhu kidding .

Everytime i hear to Paul Potts singging
Nessun Dorma , pergh! . mix feelings . best .

Because PP pours his soul in singing, his singing has magic charm that connects with you deep down at a personal level. As MrSpoke will say: It is because PP's frequencies of the complex and composite harmonics broken down by Fourier series are in synch and in resonance with the personal resonant frequencies of the emotional elements within the person hearing PP's sound.
Paul, you have Gift and Talent.

*PP for Paul Potts

i heard PP release his 1st album . insyallah ade 'line internet yg bagus' i donlod . huhu .

"....this is the true meaning of hidden talent "

sape ade lagu mereka bgtau . leh kongsi .

currently listening to
John Mayer - Gravity

"...And gravity wants to bring me down"

Rolling Stones - You Cant Always Get What You Want

"...but if u try sometimes . u'll might find . u got what u need "

just samthing to share . funny .

and to izzy : aku bukan "minat" lagu English . aku minat lagu . hahah .

hampir lupe .

to kieyna : bukan versi lain pon . pnyanyi aje lain . sama aje . huhu . kalo nk gak bg email k . insyllah ade masa dan kemampuan , alex upload .

to Family Aku : i luv u all .

cuba untuk tidak mmperbodohkan diri
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