Apr 29, 2011

Keluar Masuk Penjara

. Apr 29, 2011 .

salam . gud morning
alhamdulillah . alhamdulillah . alhamdulillah
solat jap*

most of us watched Prison Break . and yes . the first season was great and others was lagging and dreadful to what . it seems like i will be no ending and when the Finalle episode come , i was shit . shitty ending .

a bit depressing

Breakout Kings - http://www.aetv.com/breakout-kings/
interview with Nick Santora ( Prison Break's writer )

Breakout Kings S01E03- The Bag Man
this is the untold story about Theodore Bagwell . what happen to T Bag after entering Fox River Penitentiary? ..

aku just rasa a new "prison break" . maybe better

(

Apr 26, 2011

saya manusia

. Apr 26, 2011 .

Union of Mediterranean Architects (UMAR)

byk sungguh musibah melanda . 
byk sungguh dugaan menimpa . 
byk ...

mungkin kerana saya kira . mungkin kerana saya hitung . 

mungkin kerana saya lupa

byk sungguh nikmat
byk sungguh rezeki
byk sungguh cahaya 

kerana saya manusia .

ingatkan saya . 
nasihatkan saya
suluhkan saya

saya manusia

(
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