Oct 25, 2010

soalan yg sudah dijawab

. Oct 25, 2010 .


seperti mana yang dijangkakan result sudah keluar . alhamdulillah post kat gmail utk orang yg tak pergi kelas boleh tgk . my motivation is down low long before the result come out . mungkin dah leh jangka result macam mana .

simple mcQ questions . 1mark for right answer . negetive 0.5 for wrong answer. can i get total negative marks?

to make things even worse . my final is around the corner . this thursday .

no mood to do anything.

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Oct 23, 2010

Sirah Muzikal

. Oct 23, 2010 .

i went to Sirah Muzikal @ Precint 1 Putrajaya
it was ok . since my friends being the "marshal" for that event. i went there . left my wallet . bought VIP ticket using Aem's money (kena pow senior). spending so much time exploring Ashraf's  35mm f/1.8 lens . alhamdulillah it was a beautiful journey

more picture log in here . sirahmuzikal@fb 

btw forgot to tell you that ... the pantomime was not conducted well . but it was the first for me .at first it was good and full of emotions . the first scene was a girl running from the audience crying for help. the audience quite surprise with it . 

but . scene by scene , the actor became nervous and tired , forgetting lines , some actors had to improvise with some stupid and "spontan" jokes , realizing their performance is going down. for me it was ok-almost-bad theatre . 

Raihan's Nazrey Johari was my favorite's lead singer. I my self nominated Raihan's Album Demi Masa and Nowseeheart's Album Berjalan Melihat Mentafsir as the best Album Nasyid . (top five) . It was an honour  to met them personally.

The Prophet (saws) said: 
Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’

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Oct 15, 2010

to compose

. Oct 15, 2010 .

to enzy
to be jealous
to be unmotivated
to feel down
to feel left out
to be like
to feel unwanted
to feel inferior
to step backwards
to stand alone .
to bury all thoughts
to be ungrateful
to hate
to discriminate

to fail
to lose

to throw away all of these thoughts

to succeed
to accomplish
to achieve something
to achieve everything
to step forward
to stand side by side
to purify intentions
to be good
to be motivated
to love
to be sincere

to always be grateful
to always be grateful
to always be grateful

to be a better person
to win

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