Jul 12, 2010

Power Kid

. Jul 12, 2010 .

salam'alyk .

while i am studying here in this vary fake peace and tranquility in Putrajaya . there is a kid standing in the middle of the road . (jalan kat prumahan aje)

" Man(?) nk gak ikut!!!! ... "

wow . The Arts of Persuasion . magnificent

last weekend was a very mild and "ok ok" weekend . just the usual if you know what i mean . i was hoping to meet Aiman this weekend . just nk tgk besar mane dah dia .

" pakcik . kenape kena siram pokok ? kenapa dia pakai baju hitam . ? kenape kena makan sayur? "
he is just loaded with questions . its not annoying . just i try to give a simplest answer so that there are no question to my answer . like when he ask :

"kenape kawan pakcik datang sini ? "
"sebab nk jumpa aiman dengan mika laa "
"knp dia nk jmp aiman dengan mika ? "
"semua orang nk jmp aiman dengan mika laa . aiman tak tahu ke? "
"aiman tak tahu"

so last weekend i went home . i need to go back to putra early . nk study laa konon . but aiman tak sampai agi . bile aiman sampai . i was already tired and nk tertido dah . so tak terlayan sangat .

bile aku nk balik . main sepak2 bola . and i said
"Pakcik dah kena balik laa aiman "

he looked at me and start talking his new school and new friend dennis . ignoring what u said . i tried to layan2 skit2 sambil jalan angkat barang keluar . tiba2

"pakcik nk balik dah?"
"haah . pakcik nk pergi sekolah "

"pastu sape nk main sepak2 bola dengan aiman?"


its so hard to say goodbye . i love u aiman


nightangel87 said...

the innocent little children...
makes me think back of the way a children will fight like its a very big matter then the nest day they'll just be as good as a friend sharing food and play togather like nothing happen...


Thaaqhib Mohammed said...

aiman yang chumil..ko x rindu. maksud aku yang aiman yg aku knal tu.


:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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